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Citywide Fat-Thursday feasting kicks off in Prague this week

February 28th marks Fat Thursday, six days before Ash Wednesday and the traditional beginning of carnival festivities in many European cultures, including the Czech Republic.

In the spirit of pre-Lenten gluttony, thirty restaurants from Prague, Brno, and Pilsen will be offering Fat-Thursday specials: free desserts, appetizers, bottomless soups, or an extra helping for no extra charge.

Three restaurant groups — Ambiente, La Collezione, and Together — are behind the project, which takes its cues from similar events in other European capitals.

brambory zákusky

“In Copenhagen, such co-operation is common, so we wanted to see if it could work for us,” said Tereza Jarčičová of the Ambiente Group.

The Eatery, Momoichi Bistro, Mr. HotDog, OSSEGG Brewery, Brasileira, Café Savoy, Sia, and Kuchyň at Prague Castle are just a few of the popular Prague venues participating in the promotion.

A complete list of participating restaurants and Fat-Thursday specials can be found here.pivní guláš s knedlíky

Additional highlights include unlimited beer goulash with pork cheeks and bread dumplings with bacon from OSSEGG, free buns (buchtičky) with custard for anyone with the password “penguin 2019” at the Eatery and a free marzipan potato when you purchase one at Cukrář Skála.

This new annual cooperation of restaurants across the Prague gastronomic scene aims to link domestic and foreign chefs and concepts.

Tereza Olivová of Together notes, “We are pleased to have so many good-quality restaurants and good-value businesses. I hope that there will be a lot of guests who will take [advntage] of the whole thing.”